giovedì 14 gennaio 2010

My routine

I get up at seven o'clock. At eight o' clock, I go to school. I start school at ten past eight and I finisch at ten to two. At two o' clock I have lunch. After three o'clock I study for three hours. A quarter to eight I have dinner and I waching tv. At ten o' clock I go to bed.

domenica 20 dicembre 2009

My letter

I was born in Pisticci but live in Policoro.
I have one brother, that is smaller than me.
I'm fourteen years old.
My favourite sport are soccer and ciclisme.
In my free time I surf to internet.

mercoledì 16 dicembre 2009

English Alphabet

A Accordion= I dont'like accordion.
B Basketball= I like basketball.
C Cake= I like cake.
D Dad= My dad's name's Filippo.
E Egyptian= I'm not Egiptian.
F Fast= I go fast.
G Geography=I like Geography.
H Hamster= I don't like Hamster.
I Ice cream= I like ice cream.
J Jacket= I'd like jacket.
K Keyboard= I play with keyboard.
L Laptop= I like the laptotp.
M Maths= The subject prefer's a Maths.
N Name= My name's Giuseppe.
O Oxford= My dictionairy's name is Oxford.
P Phisic= I study Phisic.
Q Quarter= A quarter to seven.
R Rally= I'd like rally.
S Soccer= I play soccer.
T Tennis= He play tennis.
U Up= Stand up.
V Vegetarian= She like vegetarian.
W What= What time is it?
X Xilophon= I'd like xilphon.
Y Yesterday= Yesterday is a old song.
Z Zig-zag= He go a zig-zag.